LGPE Concert Dates

3/4/19:  Pre-LGPE Concert @ 7PM.   All Orchestra students are required to perform.

  • Call time is 6:30, no after-school rehearsal, casual attire for this performance, not formal uniforms.
  • There will be an open forum KMOB booster meeting on this same night.  6:30 PM in the Theater.


LGPE Adjudication Dates

*Monday, 3/11:  Philharmonia LGPE @ McEachern.  6:15PM Stage Performance

*Tuesday, 3/12: Sinfornia LGPE @ McEachern.  7:15PM Stage Performance

*Wednesday, 3/13: Chamber LGPE @ McEachern.  2:15 Stage Performance

Winter Concert Week

TUESDAY 12/18  CONCERT DAY Students should bring uniforms, instruments, accessories to the orchestra room in the morning.

7:45 AM – OLT STUDENTS are needed in the orchestra room.

3:45 – 6PM –  Mandatory Rehearsal in the theater, along with our guest artists.   When students are not on stage, they should remain seated in the theater and may study or do homework.


6:00 – 6:30  *Dinner and change into uniforms

*Students may bring $5 to school and the Leadership team will collect money to buy pizza/side/drink.  -OR- Students can have somebody bring food to them at 6.  Students do need to remain on site.


6:45 PM  Warm-ups and shout outs



BOOSTER RECEPTION after the concert (approx 8:30)

WEDNESDAY 12/19 Concert performance reviews and self-reflections

THURSDAY 12/20  Chamber and Philharmonia Final Exam and gift exchange.  11:30 AM School Dismissal – all students

FRIDAY 12/21 Sinfonia Final Exam and gift exchange.   11:30 AM School Dismissal – all students

Concert Day Schedule

Here are the details for Tuesday, 10/9/18:


Morning/ before school

Students bring their Uniform, Instrument and music to school in the morning.  (Pack a dinner optional)

Cello & Bass students, bring your own instrument from home if you have one. Bring Rock Stops as well.


3:40 – 5:45 PM Dress Rehearsal

After School Rehearsal is for ALL ORCHESTRA STUDENTS.  Students will be able to do homework/study in the theater when their group is not rehearsing on stage.


5:45 – 6:10 PM Dinner Time

Students are encouraged to bring $5 cash to order pizza, soda and a side.   Otherwise, pack a dinner OR have a parent drop off dinner at 5:45.


6:10 – 6:30 – Change into Uniforms



6:30 – 7PM Pre-Concert warm-up / traditions


7PM CONCERT, with reception to follow.

(I anticipate this concert to be finished no later than 8:30)

2018-2019 Orchestra Calendar

Date Event Time Location
August 7, 2018 Parent Meeting / Trip Information 7PM Orchestra Room
August 23, 2018 Honor Orchestra Auditions TBD Walton HS
October 9, 2018 *Fall Orchestra Concert 7PM KMHS Theater
October 30, 2018 *4th Annual Hollywood Concert Night 7PM KMHS Gym
November 8-10, 2018 Honor Orchestra Rehearsal/Concert TBD Lassiter HS
December 18, 2018 *Winter Orchestra Concert 7PM KMHS Theater
March 4, 2019 *Pre-LGPE Concert 7PM KMHS Theater
March 11-13, 2019 *LGPE TBD McEachern HS
April 24-28, 2019 California Trip
May 15, 2019 *Spring Concert 7PM KMHS Theater
TBD- FALL *Orchestra “Camp”
MAY 7 Awards Banquet